Thursday, June 16, 2011

Roasted Bell Pepper Sauce

EZ bought some bell peppers at the store a couple weeks ago, and we used them in various dishes, the pasta salad, different variations of mixed vegetables, etc. Well the last bell pepper was starting to look a little sad, so I wanted to use it before it went to waste. I had planned to have left over tamales for dinner. The Louisiana folk have no idea what tamales are, but they are one of my favorite foods! My roommate's grandmother actually made them and they've been hanging out in the freezer. I saw a good recipe for some easy to make tamales and plan to try that in the future. Back to the peppers. I thought it would be a great idea to use them for a sauce to cover the tamales.
I had no idea how to make such a sauce, so I did a little research. Here is where I got the recipe, but it was extremely vague, so I had to google again, and find a little more information here. The video makes it so easy. I followed the first recipe, btw a clove of garlic is just one of the segments in a bundle of garlic ;)

another picture proving how amazing my camera is...

Here's what you will need:
1 Bell Pepper per person
1 clove of garlic per pepper
Spoonful of jalepenos
tbs of jalepeno juice

Set your oven to Broil
Cut the bell pepper in half, removing the seeds and stem
Lay it flat on the pan
Remove the garlic clove from its friends and take off the flakiest out layer
Place in the oven for about 10min or until the skin is blackened
Immediately toss everything into a container with a lid, or a bowl covered with foil or plastic wrap
Steam until room temp, then carefully remove the outer skins
Place the garlic and bell peppers into a food processor (I used my blender) and blend into a puree
I burnt the garlic the first time around, so I had to remake it.
Add garlic salt to taste
I also added some jalepenos for some spice

We put the sauce on tamales, but it would be great on pasta, over chicken, or even as a salsa or salad dressing
Let me know how you try it!

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