Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer Reading

I've been reading nonstop since the beginning of August.
Here's my summer list:

"Eragon ("The Inheritance Cycle") by Christopher Paolini: a series of 4 books (the 4th to come out in November) about a boy who finds a dragon egg and is destined to become a famed dragon rider and steal back the empire from an evil ruler.

"Something Borrowed" and "Something Blue" by Emily Griffin: Two hilarious but sad novels about a Maid of Honor who steals the Groom. I'm not a fan of the infidelity in the books, but they are too funny to not recommend. And I had to read it before I watched the movie.

The "Evernight" series by Claudia Gray: 4 books about high school vampires. Not as great as the "Twilight" Series, but a good alternative.

The "Bridgerton" Series by Julia Quinn: 8 books that don't necessarily need to be read in order. These a cheesy romance novels the remind me of a scandalous version of "Pride a Prejudice."
"Austenland" by Shannon Hale: A story about a middle age women obsessed with Mr. Darcy who inherits a trip to an estate designed to be and immersion in the time of Jane Austen.

"The Goose Girl" by Shannon Hale: A cute, quick novel about a princess who's betrothed to foreign a prince.

"Heart Mender" by Andy Andrews: A love story and a history lesson about the German U-boats.

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