Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How to Pickle Jalapeños

The Iowa Farmer has grown some amazing things on his farm this year. I never made it out to the farmer to see his garden, but I've seen all of his produce. Tons of pumpkins, chilis, jalapeño peppers, fresh garlic, carrots, squash and many more. They had a lot of jalapeños hanging around in the fridge when I got there so we decided to pickle some. I never realized how easy pickling can be!

Here is what you'll need:
A Mason Jar for storage
1 part water
1 part white vinegar (I read somewhere that cider vinegar is yummy too)
Garlic (we used a dried version from the garden)

Slice the jalapeño's into 1/4-1/2" circles. You may want to remove some of the seeds depending on how hot you want them to end up. Most of the heat is in the seeds. Toss into the mason jar. Boil the water and vinegar we used about 1/2 cup of each for 8 peppers. You just need enough to fill the jar. Add the salt and garlic to the peppers. Boil for a minute and then pour over the peppers in the jar. Screw on the lid and watch as the peppers slowly lose their bright green color. Let cool and put in the fridge over night. Our peppers turned out super hot (the farmer liked them, but me and my sis could only eat half at a time). Less seeds for me next time please!!!

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