Thursday, July 4, 2013

EZ Eats: Fourth of July style

Hope you're having an amaze-balls Fourth of July! Here are some healthy eats to keep you on track or to compliment your cheat meals! 

Blueberries,strawberries, and fresh whipped cream! No sugar added and sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

Two variations of a red, white, and blue chicken strip salad. 

E's salad with lots of blueberries and strawberries,mushrooms, mixed greens and almond crusted chicken strips. 

My salad is similar to E's but I chose tomatoes instead of strawberries, went easy on the blueberries (I splurged on dark chocolate at lunch), and added avocado. 

We made sure to fill our bellies with good food, hide a snack in my purse, and take our omega 3 supplement before we headed down to Willie Nelson's Picnic in Fort Worth! Are we nerds or what? ;) 

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