Friday, June 3, 2011

NBA Finals

EZ is a diehard Lebron James fan, and was devastated by their loss to the Mavs last night. Tons of our friends are Mavs fans and even more just love basketball in general. I wanted to host a little bbq for everyone and our freezer was overflowing with sausage and hamburger meat from my roommate's Opa, so we had everything we needed to throw a good party (once we made it to the store to pick of some Beck's and Blue Moon. My other roommate, J, and her boyfriend came over and used their dollar store grill (I really want to get one for a mere $10) to cook everything for us. We had bacon, sausage links, hamburgers and of course the family staple...salsa.

The hamburgers turned out amazing, so I wanted to share the recipe:
4lbs of thawed ground beef/chuck
1-2cups marinade, ours is similar to bbq sauce
a generous dash of tony's seasoning, and garlic salt
2 eggs
a little more than half a sleeve of Ritz crackers (these make a perfect substitute for bread crumbs)
Mix everything together and form into patties, I think this made about 12.

A good friend getting her hands dirty, so I could deal with other things (or because I get grossed out by mushing a bunch of raw meat)

Throw 'em on the grill till they're just the way you like!

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