Saturday, July 9, 2011

Week 3 Workout

I've been slacking on posting this week and I have so many updates! As you know it was week 3 of the workout. It wasn't much different than weeks 1 and 2, just a little more intense.

5 min bike
8 push-ups
10 body weight squats

Circuit 1: 3 exercises with 8 reps each repeat for 8min
Dumbbell Row
Dumbbell Bench Inclined
Dumbbell Single Arm Swings (I've never done these before, and they were a full body workout)

"Burpees" (aka "up-downs", "squat thrusts")
2min of 20sec on 10sec off (this translated to about 4 sets of 8 for me, I want to make it sets of 10 next week)

Circuit 2 2 rounds, takes 4 min
Hip Raise with feet on a Swiss ball
Mountain Climber
Dumbbell lying triceps extension
Mountain climber

4 min elliptical at 30% effort
9 min elliptical of 30sec at 80% 1min 40%
4 min warm down at 30% effort


Circuit 1 for 10 mins
Thrusters (DB press) x8
Rear lat raise x8
Pushup (these were killer) x12
Reverse dumbbell lunge x8
Mountain climber 30sec

Circuit 2 2 rounds, takes 4 min
Swiss-ball jackknife
Swiss-ball hip raise and leg curl
Swiss-ball jackknife
Dumbbell split jump (these were the devil)


Circuit 1 repeat for 10 min

Elbows-out DB row (I did a bench row with one knee on the bench) x10
Incline DB bench x10
Squat thrusts x8
DB push press x10
Single-Arm DB swing x10

Circuit 2 2 rounds takes 4 min
DB squat
Single-arm DB arm swing
Hammer curl to press
Single-arm DB swing

Same as Monday, feel free to use any cardio machine
Refer to the link for any demonstrations

On top of these workouts, I joined a group exercise program. So far I've tried Zumba (love it, but I am extremely uncoordinated and lanky), Spinning (one of my old favorites), BodyPump (not the best, but I'll give it another try), Yoga (I cannot believe how un-flexible I am!!). This week I've probably overworked myself because I'm trying to finish out the Women's Health workout and still get my money's worth out of my new membership. But its a good thing I have all of this to keep me busy because EZ moved to Hobbs on Tuesday with Kahlua, and I'm stuck here finishing out the summer. I also need to update that I finally got a summer job! I'm working as a pre-school instructor and I love it so far! Could it be my new career path??

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