Thursday, June 30, 2011


Here's the workouts for Wednesday and Friday...tomorrow we'll be halfway!! I supplemented swimming as cardio on Wednesday. It was my first time back in the water with my cap and goggles on and let me tell ya it was rough. I don't know when I'll be able to convince myself to do a water workout again!!

5min bike warm-up

Continuous Circuit for 10 mins
Thrusters (DB press) x8
Rear lat raise x8
Pushup (these were killer) x12
Reverse dumbbell lunge x8
Mountain climber 30sec

I did partner abs with EZ which consisted of:
Medball sit-ups with an overhead pass 30reps
Russian twists with a medball 30reps
BOSU ball V-ups 10reps (pass the giant ball from your hands to your feet, hands+feet count as one rep)

Friday was a doozy last week, good luck to me tomorrow!
5min bike warm-up

Continuous circuit for 10min
Elbows-out DB row (I did a bench row with one knee on the bench) x10
Incline DB bench x10
Squat thrusts x8
DB push press x10
Single-Arm DB swing x10

Cardio interval training (I used the elliptical this time and thought it was much harder than the bike)
30% for 4min
6 intervals: 30sec at 80% then 1min at 40%
30% 3min warm down

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