Monday, June 27, 2011

Doggie Eats

So...Kahlua just tried to eat a penny, yes a copper penny! Who does that? I decided I would make a list of a few ridiculous things she has eaten since she's been a part of our family.
  1. Crawfish claws, these came back up later on my bedspread
  2. My wooden ladder shelf from ikea...I was upset about that one
  3. plaster, there's now a hole in my wall which I will have to start patching up soon
  4. my door frame
  5. dead fish, this was a failed attempt, I was able to shake it out of her mouth
  6. licked a few frogs that have been hoppin' about lately
  7. countless rocks
  8. decorative feathers, she has an obsession with these actually
  9. edamame left on a plate on the coffee table
  10. goose poop that we encounter on our walks around the lake
  11. a pair of panties
  12. mud is a delicacy to that mud colored puppy
  13. a spider, licked off the wall

1 comment:

  1. #6: girl just tryin' to find her prince. obviously, it hasn't happened yet.