Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Women's Health Fat Blaster Workout

I started my new workout yesterday, and my legs are aburnin' today. Its a 4 week workout for 3 days a week. If you're on task it could take as little as 45min. I love it because it is a good mix of cardio and toning. It's funny for me to switch workout gears from what we did in swimming. In swimming our only cardio was in the pool or during the dreaded offseason. And when we were in the weight room we were focused on trying to increase muscle mass and as the guys liked to say "get huge." In my workouts now I'm trying to do the opposite!
Here's what I did yesterday, adapted from Women's Health:

Warm-up: 5 min cycling at a low level (the original lists jumping jacks, but I was too embarrassed to do them in front of the Men's Basketball team; they make me feel unathletic.)

Circuit: This is just 3 exercises with 8 reps each and you keep repeating them for 8min
Dumbbell Row
Dumbbell Bench Inclined
Dumbbell Single Arm Swings (I've never done these before, and they were a full body workout)

"Burpees" (aka "up-downs", "squat thrusts")
2min of 20sec on 10sec off (this translated to about 4 sets of 8 for me, I want to make it sets of 10 next week)

4 min bike at 30% effort
9 min bike of 30sec at 80% 1min 40%
4 min warm down at 30% effort

I'm not exactly what exercises I did, but choose 5 core exercises and do 30 reps each. I'll post specific exercises for tomorrow's workout.

Follow up you new summer workout with a delicious
Strawberry-Watermelon Smoothie
1/4 cup Strawberries
1/4 cup Watermelon
2 spoonfuls of Plain Yogurt
5-10 ice cubes
(the watermelon makes this smoothie really sweet and juicy so don't add any other liquids, and you may want to add more ice or chill it in the freezer for 15min)

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