Sunday, June 19, 2011


My family always scolds me for not wearing enough sunblock. I have naturally tan skin and used to get addicted to making it darker as soon as the warm weather started (usually early March here, so lets just say I would end up unnaturally tan by August). I still don't love sunscreen, so I try to lessen my exposure to UV rays rather than dousing myself in that oily lotion. I came across this article on Women's Health Magazine website. They're (Women's Health) not my favorite because they're a little obsessed with fitness and "looking perfect naked" but I follow them on twitter. I like some of the recipes they post and they have great workouts. I'm actually starting a 4 week gym plan off their website because even if I convince myself to head to the gym I get bored once I'm there and leave before I get enough done. I blame the past 16 years of swimming. Can you say burn out? Anyways, back to sunscreen. I need to start wearing more and these 10 secrets are a good guide to buying the right kind. What's scary is the research on retinyl palmitate, a vitamin A compound. It's ridiculous that producers just put whatever they want into the products we buy. More reason to check the label and do some research before using anything. Well there's my little soapbox. Enjoy the sun!

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