Sunday, June 23, 2013

EZ Eats: Breakfast

E eats at work during the week, so I pre-make his breakfast the night before. He usually has scrambled eggs with either bacon or sausage. Sometimes when things are hurried I send him out the door with hard boiled eggs and fruit. Here is a simple recipe for the loaded scrambled eggs I make.

3 eggs
1/4 a red pepper chopped
1 small jalepeƱo chopped and seeds discarded
1 mushroom chopped
3 slices bacon or 1/4 of a roll of sausage 
1/4 cup of spinach or a handful will do. 

In a frying pan, I prefer a cast iron skillet, cook the sausage/bacon until no pink is showing along with the peppers and mushrooms. When the sausage/bacon is cooked through add in the spinach and cook until wilted. Lastly crack the eggs into the skillet and stir to scramble. Continue to stir to keep the eggs from sticking to the pan. Cook until the white of the egg is no longer liquidy. Serve with a side of fruit or avocado! 

Health Notes:
This is a meal high in protein which is the ideal breakfast. Protein wakes the brain up and keeps you feeling full until lunch. Traditional breakfasts are high in carbs (usually sugary carbs) which leave you hungry and craving sugar soon after eating. Adding in veggies helps boost the fiber and vitamin content making this a well rounded meal. 

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