Sunday, June 9, 2013

EZ Eats: Lunch

E eats a lot and can never skip a meal, so I try to prepare extra at dinner to make his lunch the next day. Occasionally we don't have leftovers and I have to be creative. I love Pinterest and saw the idea for a red pepper as the "bread" of a sandwich. I adapted it to this!

E had an open faced, veggie packed sandwich with cucumbers, olives, mushrooms, spinach, and nitrate free turkey. He chose greek dressing as his sauce (I would've picked mustard). He is moderately picky and gave this a thumbs up! My favorite question to ask is: "Would you eat it again?" He said yes. To go with it he had half a giant sweet potato and some melon. 

What toppings will you try??

Nutrition notes: Nitrates are known to cause cancer. They damage DNA through free radicals which means your body has to work to fix your DNA. Anytime your body has to do that the door is left open for a malfunction to occur and create uncontrollable cancer cells. To be safe stick to brands that leave out nitrates and other fillers. Always check the label before you buy anything!

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