Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Short Circuit Workout

Sometimes I just think I am so clever ;). I decided on the name of this post because it is a short circuit like workout. It's ironic since we've had some short circuiting going on at our house lately. We had to call an electrician because our circuit box keeps dying and shutting all the power off. I was able to do this workout while I waited!

Warm up 3x30 jumping jacks with :30 break between sets. (Let yourself catch your breathe before starting the next set. This is only the warm-up!)

3 rounds of
10 pull-ups** (jump or put your foot on a chair for assistance; E is nice and holds my legs for me sometimes!)
10 push-ups (feel free to modify until you can do 10 full push-ups)
15 sit-ups
7 squats (bodyweight or lightweights, save your heavy lifting for another day!)

Cool down with a walk around the block and stretching!

**I cannot do 10 complete unassisted pull-ups. Currently I can do 1 unassisted pull-up. Back in my college days I think my record was 7 in a row. Pull-ups are incredibly difficult (especially for girls with long lanky arms and zero upper body strength like myself), but they are soooo good for strength building! Pull-ups are a good way to focus on lat muscles while working back muscles, arms, and core strength at the same time. Don't be scared to give them a try!

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