Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Carbnite Update

So this is the 3rd day since my carb overload on Saturday night. I am completely convinced that carb nite is NOT for me! Here's my list of reasons why:

1. My sugar cravings went through the roof on Sunday. 
2. I was exhausted (and still am) after. 
3. My stomach hurt so bad Saturday night I almost barfed. (Carb nite encourages eating anything you want and doesn't stick to the rules of Paleo. I chose to remain relatively Paleo and only had a tea with sugar, potato chips, and fries at a restaurant that were not Paleo. Everything else I ate was Paleo. I did not eat any gluten.)
4. Headaches!!
5. It's day 3 and my stomach is still out of whack! Of course I'm not positive that it is all from the carb fest, but I have not eaten anything out of my normal routine these past 3 days that would cause these symptoms.
6. I love sweets too much to stop eating them once I start. This did not go over well. 

So...my goal is to still keep my carb intake low and eat real unprocessed food. We stick to Paleo guidelines because I like the research and ideas that support Paleo. I'm going to take what I learned from carb nite and limit my sweet treats during the day. Carbs process differently at night. I also think this was a huge stepping stone in my battle against sugar (fructose from honey and natural sources, not just the white stuff). I'm one step closer to being in control of my sweet treat cravings!

If you have had success with carb nite, I would love to hear from you!

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