Monday, August 5, 2013

Thrift Store Crafts

Two things my momma and I have in common are our loves for crafts and thrift stores! She might have a thrift store obsession, but it works out well for our family. The middle sis gets clothes for her kiddos, I was able to find most of my wedding decorations here, and I love going clothes shopping at a particular store on holidays (50% off!!). Here are a few of the crafts my momma and I did with thrift store buys!

Yard Art: My momma saw these totem poles and decided she needed to make one herself. They are made out of old dishes, vases and ceramic knick knacks. We simply glued them together, making sure a vase was on the bottom so we could stick it on a piece of rebar.
I adore this little rooster

More Yard Art: These are flowers that will be glued onto a piece of PVC pipe and put on rebar as well. My momma loves her yard and loves to decorate it!

Don't you love this little lighthouse!
Jewelry/Cake Stands: We had some left over yellow plates, and my guest room happens to be yellow and gray. This is what we came up with! We just glued 2 plates to either side of a martini/wine glass.

The glass we used was one of my grandmother's and it happened to be chipped. This is a great way to up-cycle old dishes and create something useful out of sentimental pieces!

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