Friday, May 27, 2011

Half IronMan

Anyone who commits to doing an IronMan or even half of one has some serious cajones! My roommate's boyfriend recently completed his first one after puking numerous times and needing 2 IV's to revive him at the finish. My crazy boyfriend, EZ, after hearing this story has decided that he wants to be next and after his dad told him he would join him in a half IronMan, he was eager to start training. I decided that he needed a training partner so I would do a modified version of his workouts. I am not a runner. Growing up in the water makes it a little difficult to be a track star. What fish have you ever seen that has legs? So in order to train with him I said he would have to run circuits and I would drop off when I could not longer keep up. Hopefully this new workout works out ;) because I am seriously missing my little athlete body that used to fit into my favorite jeans! Kahlua will of course be joining us on these runs because that little chocolate labmaraner has more energy than a class of kindergardeners. Apart from running there will also be miles of biking. I love riding, but I'm a little hesitant to ride my bike into traffic, which EZ being an experienced Triathlete will completely disregard. As for the swimming, we'll see if I actually get back in the water. It may take me awhile to get to a point where I miss those workouts. Wish me luck on my new training endeavor!

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