Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dog Days

So down in good ole Hobbs the outdoor pools close the weekend after Labor Day. This year they tried something new and the City hosted "Dog Day of Summer." They opened up one of the pools for the last day and allowed all the local pooches to go for a swim!! There were contests with prizes, raffle drawings and goodie bags that will last me and Kahlua for months!! Kahlua had a blast running around with all the other dogs. It was a warm day but not too hot so she didn't swim much. Of course she attracted a lot of male attention, and viciously told them she wasn't interested ;)
 Katy, a new friend for Kahlua (actually its the dog of a family friend)

Some unfortunate dog being pushed down the slide. Kahlua would hate me if I did that to her.

Champ enjoying the toys we brought home, he didn't get to go because EZ and his parents weren't around, and I can't handle the 2 of them on leashes.

This is what the ball looked like after 5 minutes between the 2 of them. I had to take it away when Kahlua start ripping off shreds and leaving them around the living room.

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