Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Heavy Liftin'

Here is one of our heavy lift workouts from this week. Lift as Heavy as possible with proper form to get the most out of the workout. We have experience lifting with trainers from LSU, so make sure you have your form rock solid before you start adding the pounds. Lifting weights tones muscles and converts fat into muscle mass.

Warm up: 5-10min cardio machine, 10 medball throw-downs, 10 push-ups, 50 abs of choice
Warm-down: 50 abs, 15 min of stretching

Lift heavy, then take nap. -Old Chinese Proverb 

E tried to nap instead of lifting, but we dragged him to the gym anyway.

Workout Tips:

  • Dumbbell incline chest flies: Using dumbells, lay on an inclined bench. Starting with your arms straight in front of you, lower the dumbbells out to the side until you are in a T-position. Make sure to have a little bend in your elbows. Using you chest muscles, return the weights to the starting position.
  • Front Squat: Start with a good stance, feet planted and turned slightly out, core tight, hips inline, knees slightly out. Think about screwing your feet into the ground. Sit back like you are sitting down into a chair until you reach 90 degrees. Return to the starting position. Focus on your legs muscles and do not lift with your back.
  • Single arm pull: these are a lawn mower motion and are done on a machine. They are intended to work your back muscles.
Note: I promise to post demonstration pictures in the future!

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