Thursday, June 27, 2013

Make Me Burpee

In college we had to do burpees as a punishment, so I consider myself and all my teammates professionals. Surprisingly I am not scarred from these, and enjoy adding them to my workout schedule. Daily Hiit uses them often. I really enjoy the workouts on Daily Hiit, but their website interface is not my favorite. I have had great results with their workouts, but some require too much equipment. Their website inspired this workout!

Warm-Up: Jog in place for 1 minute, do 5 pushups. Repeat 3 times.

Cool down with a walk around the block and stretching!

I walk everyday for about an hour, and then do these circuit style hiit workouts or weight lifting for my strength training. I do not encourage heavy cardio for weight loss. It tends to make you hungry, tired and stress your body out. It also does not promote fat loss. I would've been a twig when I was swimmer if cardio was the only thing needed to lose fat.

Workout Tips:

  • A broad jump is simply a forward jump as far as you can go. Think long jumper. 
  • Remember burpees include a pushup. I give a longer explanation here
  • If you need better explanations of any of the exercises please ask!

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