Friday, June 7, 2013

EZ Eats: Lunch

Here is E's lunch for the day. We love leftovers at this house!

Leftover rice from my lunch out (I had stir-fry without sauce and asked for the rice on the side), leftover lo-mien, leftover salmon that I was supposed to eat for lunch! with 3 hardboiled eggs, fresh fruit, bone broth, and homemade ice tea sweetened with honey. E will eat all of this at work tomorrow. I am so happy he loves to eat because I love to cook!

Nutrition notes: White rice is not an inflammatory food, but brown rice is. I do not eat rice, but E will eat it on occasion. I also try not to eat fruit everyday because it is high in sugar. I drink tea everyday, but I love it unsweetened. If I do hot tea, I add lemon and sometimes a splash of cream.

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